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Shenzhen Rike Adhesive Tape CO.,LTD


Shenzhen Rike Adhesive Tape CO.,LTD. is specialized in producing all kinds of adhesive tape of large enterprises.

The company was founded in 1995, 20 years, strive to forge ahead and innovate, with advanced production technology and production equipment, products imported and high-quality raw materials. Has been the development of the products are Japanese environmental protection tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, fire-retardant tape, high pressure waterproof tape, tape-free, floor tape, sealing tape, speaker board embossed protective tape, the US profile paper, PE protective film, foil tape, high-temperature US-profile paper, kraft paper tape, and other products. Since its inception, the rapid performance of the development of products throughout the country, to provide our clients with production and marketing as one of the full range of services.